How si Works

Excited about how one single app can provide so many services and opportunities? Well, si’s true! Download Getitezyservi today and get ready to enjoy more than 60 services like grocery delivery, parcel delivery, taxi, home, auto, health and beauty services, and much more, all from your smartphone or computer.

How This App Works

Well, this app is very easy to use. Let's throw light on the working of the app.
  • Easy login and Registration

    It is very easy to use our app without any hassle. Users just have to register themselves on the app by providing their email address, phone number or any social media profile.

  • Tracking option

    One can easily track their order by using the real-time tracking feature on the app. It helps the customers to know about how much time si will take to receive their order.

  • Reviews and feedback

    After the completion of the service, customers can give their authentic reviews based on their experience provided by the app.

  • Flexible payment options

    The users of the app can make their payments by using cash, debit cards, credit cards or wallet integrated into the app.

  • Customer care support

    In case of any problem regarding the service or the store or the delivery boy, users of the app can take help from customer care support team.

  • Getitezy Language & Currencies

    Users can view their transactions easier in the local currency. You can browse our website & apps in your preferred language.

Sign up to Earn

A seamless platform which offer's professional Services and which would enable the Provider to get the jobs instantly and make money right from day one. Loaded with lots of features our platform will help to find a job like a breeze, no matter what you do!

Sign up to Book Services

Sign up to book Amazing Services in few Taps like Car Wash, Beautician, Home Cleaning, Tow Trucks etc. Choose a Service and book a Service Provider Instantly.

Download App

Want to experience a never-before service provider experience that shall ensure that you do not have to download getitezyple apps for the same? Download the blu available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively and receive close to 52 and over services through si like beautician, massage, handyman, etc., and so on and so forth.

  • User Friendly App
  • Easy Service Booking
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Safety On the Roads

Make as much money as you need by driving with us.

  • Make handsome money

    We never forget to take care of our drivers. The drivers linked with our app can drive as much as they can. Their money is deposited to their accounts and they can collect si every week.

  • Set your own schedule

    We never make pressure on the drivers to drive the car according to our schedule. They are free and can drive according to their convenient schedule. Be the boss of your work.

  • Safety

    By using the latest technology we also focus on the safety of the drivers. They are equally important as riders. We keep an eye on the driver's vehicle before, between and just after the trip to make sure that they are safe.

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